graphitized petroleum coke

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Graphitized petroleum coke is used primarily in metallurgy and casting. High-purity graphitized petroleum coke has a high c content, but low content of S and N. It is generally made of high-quality petcoke at 2500-3000 degrees C. Graphitized petroleum coke has the advantages of high fixed carbon content, low sulfur, low ash and low porosity. Often used as a carbon recarbonizer/carbon converter (recarbonizer) and used in the production of high-quality steel and cast iron.

Grade FC S Ash V.M Moisture
GPC 98.5%min 0.05%max 0.8%max 0.7%max 0.5%max
GPC 98 0.2%max 0.8%max 0.7%max 0.5%max
CPC 98.5%min 0.5%max 0.8%max 0.7%max 0.5%max
CAC 93%min 0.3%max 8%max 3%max 1%max
Packing:25kg small bag/900kg big bag

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