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Ferrosilicon (FeSi) is an alloy of iron and silicon with a very variable silicon content between 10% and 90%. It is used as a so-called master alloy in steel production, which is added in small amounts in order to adjust the properties of the melt, the cooling process and the finished product.
  • ferrosilicon is an essential deoxidizer in steelmaking industry.In steelmaking, ferrosilicate is used for precipitation deoxidation and diffusion deoxidation.Brick iron is also used as an alloying agent in steelmaking.
  • Used as inoculant and spheroidizer in cast iron industry.In the production of ductile iron, ferrosilicon is an important inoculant (to help precipitate graphite) and spheroidizer.
  • used as reducing agent in ferroalloy production.Not only is the chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen great, but the carbon content of high silicon ferrosilicon is very low.Therefore, high silicon ferrosilicon (or siliceous alloy) is a commonly used reducing agent in the production of low carbon ferroalloy in the ferroalloy industry.
  • 75 ferrosilicate in Pijiang magnesium smelting is often used in the high temperature smelting process of magnesium, the magnesium replacement in CaO.MgO, each one ton of magnesium will consume about 1.2 tons of ferrosilicate, which plays a great role in the production of magnesium.
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