Futures low-price impact Silicon plant transactions are rare

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Ferrosilicon manufacturers are still negative offers, most manufacturers said that there is no transaction after the quotation, it is better not to quote, some manufacturers said that they wait for customers to bid, and it is appropriate to accept the order. A small number of quotations 72 8300-8500, 75 9100-9200 yuan / ton cash natural block factory, down 100 yuan / ton, transaction orders are rare. The company ships ZhongweiKu 08-100, Jiangsu 08 160, Hubei 08 120. This afternoon, the Silicon Committee of the Ferroalloy Industry Association will hold a video conference, and the results of the follow-up meeting will continue to pay attention.
Due to the poor global economic situation and insufficient overall market confidence, domestic black products have declined. Terminal real estate, automobile and other industries are sluggish, and the demand for steel and casting has decreased, thus turning to suppress the raw material market. After the futures disk continued to rise in the first half of the year, many manufacturers have carried out hedging operations, and the futures disk has continued to fall in the past ten days, and the price of receiving goods from the futures disk has more advantages, and it is difficult for manufacturers to trade orders.
Magnesium ingot quotations are mainly in 25500 yuan / ton cash, 25200-25300 yuan / ton cash is better to take goods, due to the tepid market, the transaction is still based on just demand.
In general: due to the low-price impact of futures disks in recent times, manufacturers have fewer transactions, and most companies have said that they will not quote prices for the time being. Ferrosilicon demand side is difficult to improve in the short term, the supply side can pay attention to whether there is a change after the silicon association meeting, and due to the continuous rise in the price of 97 silicon, ferrosilicon production of 97 silicon.
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