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Silicon-aluminum-barium-calcium contains active metallic calcium, which can not only achieve high-efficiency deoxidation, but also react rapidly with aluminum oxide formed by metal aluminum to form aluminate and precipitate molten steel, and absorb S, P and other inclusions in steel during the precipitation process , so as to achieve the purpose of purifying molten steel.

Performance characteristics of silicon aluminum barium calcium
1. The new silicon aluminum barium calcium is used in the same way as the traditional product.

2. The content of new silicon aluminum barium calcium is three-fifths of ordinary silicon aluminum barium calcium, the dosage is twice, and the cost per ton of steel is reduced by a quarter.

3. Three-layer packaging, standard unit weight, direct use without drying and measuring in the steelmaking process, which solves the microporous phenomenon of ordinary bulk silicon, aluminum, barium and calcium steelmaking billets, and is convenient for transportation and storage.

4. The composition of the new silicon aluminum barium calcium is stable, which is convenient for detection and control; there is no dust, which does not affect the observation of steelmaking and tapping; the molten steel in the ladle does not boil or turn over, and there is no hidden danger of safety accidents.
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