Ball cored wire

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The background of the production of the nodularized cored wire: the plunging method nodularization is to put the nodulizer at the bottom of the ladle, and the nodulizer is melted by the temperature of the molten iron when the iron is tapped to spheroidize the molten iron. Generally, the magnesium content is 7 -9%, at the same time, it will account for 2-3 minutes of despheroidization decay time, and the spheroidization is also a cooling process, the tapping temperature should be increased by 50-100°C, due to long-term high temperature tapping, not only increases power consumption, but also The service life of the furnace lining is reduced.

The spheroidized cored wire contains more than 2% rare earth (Re) components, which can further remove slag and purify the molten iron. Calcium (Ca) and barium (Ba) in the composition can promote the formation of graphite balls in molten iron, and can also remove sulfur (S) and other gases in molten iron in preference to magnesium (Mg), effectively prolonging the The time of spheroidization decay reduces the occurrence of poor spheroidization castings in the product.
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