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Calcium silicon alloy powder
09 Dec, 2022

Advantages of silicon-calcium alloy powder: The method of adding silicon-calcium alloy in the steelmaking process is to add bl{ Read More + }

Ferro Almanganese
08 Dec, 2022

The main function of the deoxidizer used in steelmaking is to react with dissolved oxygen in molten iron, mainly to generate n{ Read More + }

Semi Coke
07 Dec, 2022

Semi-coke, also known as semi-coke, is fired from the high-quality Jurassic clean coal abundant in the Shenfu (Shenmu + Fugu) { Read More + }

silicon calcium slag
28 Nov, 2022

Application of silicon-calcium slag: In order to further save energy and reduce consumption, the silicon-calcium alloy electri{ Read More + }

Efficient slag remover
25 Nov, 2022

The original slag remover mostly uses straw ash or asbestos ash, which has been eliminated due to the harsh production environ{ Read More + }

Ball cored wire
24 Nov, 2022

The background of the production of the nodularized cored wire: the plunging method nodularization is to put the nodulizer at { Read More + }

The role of silicon balls
23 Nov, 2022

Silicon balls can refine grains, increase strength and toughness at the same time, and can also prevent leakage, so the scrap { Read More + }

Silicon carbon heating agent
22 Nov, 2022

Silicon carbon heating agent is made by mixing ferrosilicon powder and recarburizer powder and pressing balls.{ Read More + }

Calcium silicon aluminum barium
21 Nov, 2022

Silicon-aluminum-barium-calcium contains active metallic calcium, which can not only achieve high-efficiency deoxidation, bu{ Read More + }

Ferro silicon Nitride
18 Nov, 2022

Application of ferro silicon nitride in anhydrous taphole clay: At present, submerged arc furnaces still generally use traditi{ Read More + }

High Carbon silicon description
17 Nov, 2022

High-carbon silicon is a novel composite alloy deoxidizer, which can replace the more expensive traditional deoxidizers - ferr{ Read More + }

High magnesium wire
16 Nov, 2022

Feed wire spheroidization (high magnesium wire) is a new nodular cast iron spheroidization process in recent years. This pro{ Read More + }

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